What are Coordinating Conjunctions

There are seven coordinating conjunctions
  1. FOR
  2. AND
  3. NOR
  4. BUT
  5. OR
  6. YET
  7. SO
The mnemonic for this is FANBOYS

Rule to use: We always have to maintain parallelism

Used to:
  1. Join similar ideas - The duties are to teach the students, to check the papers, and to manage the timetable.
  2. join similar phrases 
  3. Join similar Clauses - Ali is a teacher but his wife is a doctor

Important Points

  • Ensure that the coordinating conjunction is immediately followed by the main clause
  • Don’t use coordinating conjunctions to begin all of your sentences. Do so only when it makes your writing more effective.
  • Although commas typically follow coordinating conjunctions used in areas other than the beginning of a sentence, they should not be used after coordinating conjunctions used to open sentences unless an interrupter immediately follows.  

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